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Algonquin Gas Transmission appeal wins reversal, remanded
LYNN, C.J. The appellants, Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC(Algonquin) and Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a EversourceEnergy (Eversource), appeal an order of the New Hampshire Public Utilities
Date: May 22, 2018

AMC position statement on New England Clean Energy Connect Transmission Line
The proposed line would include 53.5 miles of a new 150-foot-wide cleared corridor through undeveloped forest. The remaining 91.5 miles would be co-located within existing transmission corridors but would entail widening of the corridor and/or the...
Date: May 20, 2018

Sale of Eversource hydroelectric plants delayed by Berlin's intervention in FERC licensing
BERLIN - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the city's request to intervene in the transfer of licenses for Eversource's hydroelectric facilities - an action that has delayed the sale of the plants to HSE Hydro.
Date: May 17, 2018

Tesla software update allows Powerwall 2 owners to optimize for time-varying rates
A proposal by Liberty Utilities in Lebanon, N.H., envisions batteries in 300 homes, eventually expanding to 1,000.
Date: May 16, 2018

NHSUPCO appeal of Antrim wind farm approval fails
HANTZ MARCONI, J. The petitioners, Mary Allen, Fred Ward, and other interested parties, appeal the decision of the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (Committee) authorizing the respondent, Antrim Wind Energy, LLC (Antrim Wind), to construct...
Date: May 14, 2018

NHPUC looks for new formula for distributing electricity discounts to the poor
Currently, customers who elect not to take the utility offered default energy service but rather choose to procure energy from a competitive energy supplier only receive the EAP discount on their delivery charge. In contrast, customers who choose...
Date: May 07, 2018

Contract dispute could precipitate strike at Electric Co-Op
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - A union representing electric utility workers in New Hampshire is warning of a possible strike amid contract disputes. Pension and 401(k) plans are two of the areas where the company and union are struggling to find common...
Date: May 04, 2018

Concord Quakers to share extra electricity generated by solar array
It can be used only by the owner of the panels, however, and debate about the effect of net metering on rate-payers who don't have solar panels has led many states, including New Hampshire, to cut back on the amount that utilities have to pay for...
Date: Apr 30, 2018

Gilford Village Knolls III will be NH's first multifamily passive solar complex
GILFORD - Applications are now being accepted for Gilford Village Knolls III, located at 43 Potter Hill Road in Gilford, which is nearing completion and will provide 24 brand new apartments available for those age 62 and over.
Date: Apr 27, 2018

PSNH packages what's owed under NH restructuring mandate into security to raise $636M sooner than later
The utility is in the process of auctioning off its 15 fossil fuel and hydroelectric power plants in order to comply with a state law stripping it of its monopoly on generation. Its regulator has authorized a restructuring charge on electricity...
Date: Apr 26, 2018

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