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Navy Surgeon General reads care givers the riot act for social media posts
It has come to my attention that members of the Navy Medicine team posted highly offensive photos and videos on their personal social media pages involving newborns at our naval hospitals.
Date: Sep 21, 2017

UNH scientist studies how thunderstorm turn into gamma ray emitting nuclear reactions
"We really don't understand how thunderstorms make lightning very well," study author Joseph Dwyer from the University of New Hampshire told Gizmodo. "How it gets started inside the cloud involves how strong the electric fields are. If you get clues...
Date: Sep 20, 2017

Verizon to cut off 8,500 rural wireless customers for excessive data usage
This move isn't only a problem for the rural customers, it's a significant issue for the rural carriers as well. Reports indicate that Verizon enticed these small rural carriers to build out their networks with new towers, under the promise of a...
Date: Sep 18, 2017

Homeowners appeal Portsmouth's Airbnb cease-and-desist order
PORTSMOUTH -- A Lincoln Avenue couple who rents one of their two homes through Airbnb are appealing a cease-and-desist order from the city arguing it's "discriminatory and unconstitutional."
Date: Sep 18, 2017

Consider a career in gaming
Online or digital gaming is big business. In looking at sources that track gaming data, I found the following: worldwide revenues in 2017 reaching $109 billion this year with 42 percent coming from mobile gaming (Newzoo); $18.4 billion of those...
Date: Sep 14, 2017

NASA selects Canterbury firm to study economics of investing in space

NASA selects Canterbury firm to study economics of investing in space
Planetary Resource Engineering LLC (Canterbury, New Hampshire) will focus on the quantitative evaluation of scenarios to estimate the effect of both supply and demand side stimulation through public-private partnerships.
Date: Sep 14, 2017

Business group wants NH to seek Amazon HQ2
PORTSMOUTH -- A group of business people in the region is trying to persuade state officials to apply to Amazon to get the Seattle-based retailer to locate its second headquarters in New Hampshire.
Date: Sep 14, 2017

Dartmouth CFO informs campus of Equifax data breach
Chief financial officer of the College Mike Wagner sent a campus-wide email Friday afternoon stating that there had been a major data breach in the consumer database at Equifax, the consumer credit reporting agency that the College uses for business...
Date: Sep 11, 2017

UNH partners with NH effort funded by Defense Department to replicate human organs
According to Decelle, the partnership between ARMI and both the Durham and Manchester campuses will give the schools a competitive edge for receiving grants in the future.
Date: Sep 11, 2017

NH to debut at defense/security trade show
Four New Hampshire companies will travel to London next week to attend the Defence and Security Equipment International trade show. The trip will be the first time New Hampshire will be represented at DSEI.
Date: Sep 08, 2017

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