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Northern Pass didn't consult on butterfly mitigation plan
Concord city officials told the Site Evaluation Committee about their concerns with the Northern Pass Transmission project Thursday. Left to right are Dr. Rick Van De Poll of Ecosystem Management Consultants; Concord Conservation Commission Members...
Date: Nov 20, 2017

Fear as fisherman discovers lobstrosity
Other unusual lobsters have been making headlines recently. Earlier this year, for example, a New Hampshire lobsterman caught a rare blue lobster, which he donated to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye.
Date: Nov 18, 2017

Video: Nine-pound crab breaks seabird's wings before eating it alive
You may imagine crabs as reclusive and shy creatures but new footage from the island of Chagos in the Indian Ocean shows the first images of a crab as a ferocious hunter, actively killing and ultimately eating a seabird. The video is surprising to...
Date: Nov 14, 2017

How to manage forest pests in the Anthropocene? Bring theory.
With forests under pressure worldwide due to human activities in what is now often referred to as the Anthropocene era, the researchers analyzed why forests around the world are being impacted by new pests and what can be done about it.
Date: Nov 14, 2017

Fourth Great Dane dies in care of Humane Society
OSSIPEE - A fourth Great Dane, held in the custody of Humane Society of the United States during the animal cruelty court case of Christina Fay, has died, according to Fay's attorneys. The case began last June, when police and members of the Humane...
Date: Nov 12, 2017

Video: Dartmouth researcher records a coconut crab crush and kill a bird
Researcher Mark Laidre from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire in America, filmed the macabre sight which may shed new light on the behaviour of this species and he spoke to New Scientist about the incredible discovery.
Date: Nov 12, 2017

What's a 'ZAP Male' mosquito? An EPA-approved bio weapon
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the limited use of lab-treated mosquitoes to reduce the population of other mosquitoes that spread deadly disease.
Date: Nov 12, 2017

NH artist will turn you dead pet's ashes into a decorative glass memento
New Hampshire artisan, Sue Winn has been helping pet lovers remember their loved ones for over three years by infusing cremation ash into beautiful star-burst designs. Winn is a blown glass artist who started out making jewelry and now specializes...
Date: Nov 09, 2017

EPA approves 'weaponized' mosquitoes to combat Zika virus in NH

EPA approves 'weaponized' mosquitoes to combat Zika virus in NH
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave MosquitoMate the go-ahead to use male mosquitoes weaponized with a bacteria called Wolbachia pipientis as a method to kill the Asian tiger mosquito—responsible for spreading diseases like Zika,...
Date: Nov 09, 2017

Young harbor seal recovering from brutal facial wounds
Meet Bella Lugoseal! This newly weaned harbor seal was admitted on Monday, October 23rd when our friends at the New Hampshire Marine Mammal Rescue collected her in Rye, NH after stranding with bad facial wounds. Bella is still in very critical...
Date: Nov 07, 2017

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